How to apply for Canadian visa eTA?


Whenever you go for a business trip or holiday you always take some important documents with yourself. Documents such as passport or visa help you to reach your destination. If you go to Canada then you probably heard about the new migration requirement which called as Electronic travel Authorization. If you are planning to visit Canada then you should get your ETA, without ETA you are not allowed to enter the Canada.

The ETA is a document that allows you travel all around the Canada. If you are traveling through the air then you need to get the document first.

How to submit your application online?

It doesn’t take the traditional methods to get the Electronic Travel Authorization. You need to fill up the online application. If you are planning to visit Canada then deal with the document as fast as you can. Each travel requires its own ETA. If you are going with the children then you need to get ETA for them too. The advantage is in one application you can mention about all the members.

It takes the time to download the ETA form after the approval of the authority. Remember without ETA you can’t cross the border.

Here are the details that you need to feel up in the application:
  1. The country which issued your passport.
  2. The nationality which mentioned on the passport.
  3. Your passport number.
  4. The surname and name which mentioned on the passport.
  5. Your birth date.
  6. The name of the country.
  7. The name of the city where you born.
  8. Date of the issue of the passport and expiry of the passport.

Expect above requirements you need to fill some extra personal information. Once you fill up all the information you need to fill up the time of the flight.

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Wait for complete the process

Once you finished everything, you need to wait for the validation.

Most of the applications are approved at the same time. So you can fill up at the time of the departure. Even the travelers require filling up the form before the departure because some application takes time. If you are not getting approval immediately, you will get the email from the authority.

Throughout the process, you can check the request on the tool reserved for the feature. It requires your passport number and the application number. ETA is available for five years from the day on which it issued. But it has some exceptions which are as follow:

  1. On the day which, any travel document expires including passport.
  2. On the day ETA is canceled by the authority.
  3. On the day on which new travel authorization is issued to the applicant.

So whenever you get the new passport, you need to go for the ETA again. Once you get the valid ETA you can travel Canada as many times as you want. Whatever the information you filled up in ETA is stored in Personal Information Bank.

If you get your ETA then have the great journey for the Canada. See you there!