Do British citizens need a visa for Canada?


Great news for all British Citizens travelling to Canada! After March 2016, having a visa is no longer a requirement to entering this country although this depend on how long you plan to stick around Canadian soil. Nonetheless, you will need to have an eTA to be admitted to Canada as well.

Period of stay

British citizens no longer require visa to visit Canada but on condition that their stay is for a limited period. If they decide to extend their period of stay, they will then be required to acquire a Visa. The underlying factor on which this is based is the duration of your stay. As such it is important to consult with the relevant authorities or immigration officers concerned.

Conditions to fulfill when applying for an eTA

Apply for an eTA Visa

eTA is the short form of Electronic Travel Authorization and is a type of verification program whose application is done online. British citizens that wish to apply one for Canada need to have a valid passport, an email address and a valid credit card. Moreover, they also need to submit previous occupational details and travel information.

The permission to visit Canada is granted through the exclusive website. Afterward, the applicant is required to print and submit the document to relevant authorities together with the other documents prior to the time of departure.

In the EAT form, there is a special blank text field that asks the applicant to indicate any additional information pertinent and relevant to their subsequent application as well. It enables them to highlight their need and urgency to visit Canada. After successfully submitting the application, the said applicant will then receive a computerized CIC email authenticating all the receipts of that particular application.

Conveniently, this email is accompanied by a link that allows the eTA applicant to verify his/her status when they need to, and a special application number (GCMS) for confirmation.

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eTA visa validity

The eTA is valid for only a time period of five years or until the date of expiry. While no additional validity period is needed, if the applicant’s passport has slightly below 6 months worth of time when you arrive to Canada, it may take longer to get through the immigration authorities


British passports are only extendable by a 12 month period and consulates but under supplementary measures. Unfortunately, the government of Canada has complete authority to revoke your eTA but based on either inadmissibility or other public policy concerns.

Requirements to fulfill for a visa

In case you need to apply a visa as British citizens, the following are the main requirements:
  • A passport.
  • Full medical clearance.
  • Additional documents so as to approve the application.
  • Dual-nationals do not need to apply for an eTA or visa.

If you have a criminal record, then you need to consult with the High Commission of Canada prior to moving forward since there are exclusive clearances needed for the visit to Canada.


If you are a British citizen, the solution to travel to the nation of Canada is via ETA.