Where is Canada located?

Where is Canada located?

Where is Canada located?

So you might have heard a thing or two about Canada right? Maybe you have heard about the people or the location of Canada. This country definitely has a quite interesting location but where is it actually located? When planning your trip remember about eTA Canada which is essential when going there.

Canada is really huge. In fact, it’s the 2nd largest country in the world behind Russia.

Canada is located on the North American continent, right above the United States. Also bordering 3 oceans. The Atlantic Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean on all three sides.

This country also shares 6 time zones and it’s divided into 10 provinces with 3 territories in the north so you can probably imagine how big it is. The capital city of Canada is Ottawa located in the province of Ontario.


Ottawa the capital city of Canada


Another interesting fact about Canada is that we can find 60% of lakes and 30% of freshwater ! Also, tap water in Canada may have better quality than the bottled water you can buy there.

About 40% of the country is covered in forests and 1 out of every 10 forests are in Canada. Morever, 40% of polar bears live there. Some of Canada’s best landmarks are the Niagara Falls and Mount Thor which has the world’s highest vertical drop.


Another quite unique and kind of weird landmark in Canada is the Prince Edward Island.

You might be wondering what’s weird about it? Well, the sand on the beach makes a strange squeaking sound when you actually step on it!


Prince Edward Island

One thing we should know about Canada is that it’s one of the least densely populated places on earth which is understandable when we take into consideration the area of Canada and the fact that most people don’t live in the complete southern parts of the country.
When it comes to the population of Canada, it’s similar to the United States. Many people from many different parts of the world live there. With a population of around 37 million, the people who live in Canada are determined to be around 75% white, 14% Asian, 5% Native, 5% Black and Latino and 1% or everything else

Canada also has linguistic groups and an interesting fact is that every 3rd Canadian can either understand or speak French fluently. People in Quebec (a Canadian province) mostly speak French although it’s a language that is spoken from the central south part to almost the whole eastern part of Canada.

Speaking about Canada’s relationships with other countries, they are generally friends with everyone however could be everything that was part of the British Empire and everything somehow related to France due to the big amount of French speakers in Canada. But the best friend of Canada is definitely the United States.

In general, Canada is one of the most influential countries in the world today. It is a great place to visit and possibly live there one day. Every country has it’s own unique traits and characteristics but Canada is truly an unbelievable place in terms of the quality of everything and overall!  When going there do not forget about eTA Canada which is required to enter the country.