What to see in Montreal in Canada?

What to see in Montreal in Canada?

What to see in Montreal in Canada?

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Montreal is the biggest city in Quebec which is an island in the middle of St. Laurence River. Itis called France in Canada due to the large population of French outside of France. Its first inhabitants were from France which made Montreal a Canadian city with a French soul. The city combines the old and new alike in a magnificent way. Mark Twain dubbed the city as “The City of the Hundred Bell Towers” because of majestic churches in the area. One of the hippest city in Quebec which houses almost 100 festivals throughout the year.

Walk down the memory late in the Old Town of Montreal

Experience the historic French charm in the Old Town of Montreal. This neighborhood dates back in the 17th century making it the oldest city in North America. Walk down the cobblestone streets and be mesmerized with the exquisite architecture. The St. Paul Streets and Place Jacques Cartier are few of the places you can enjoy and visit in Montreal.

Do not miss Notre Dame Basilica at Place D’ Armes with its elaborate design of the Catholic Church.


Picturesque bird’s eye view of the city

Hike the 200-meter hill to Mont-Royal, which is part of the Mount Royal Park, where the city got its name. What is amazing is that this park’s designer also designed New York’s central park.

The hill provides a picturesque and panoramic view of the city which you can see on a clear day. You might come across a woodpecker up in the tree. During the summer, you can watch countless tam-tam, drumming circle, performers at the end of Mont-Royal. It is also a great place to have some picnic with your family and friends. An easy escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Enjoy one of a kind art at Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. It houses over 44,000 artworks and unique and temporary exhibitions. The museum showcases masterpieces of great masters as well as local artists. Admission to the permanent collections is free at all times.

Montreal Botanical Garden

Stroll along Jardin Botanique. Experience the zen garden of Japan, the yin and yang energy of the Chinese garden and even an alpine garden.

Cruise along Montreal Marina

See Montreal from a different perspective as you enjoy a cruise along the Montreal Marina. Bask in the view while dining onboard the boat.


Montreal Marina

Biodome Montreal

A perfect destination for the family where you can replica of the four ecosystems in America.


La Ronde

La Ronde is one of the famous amusement parks in Montreal. It opens from mid-May to late-October. There are 40 different rides to choose from.

Cirque Du Soleil

Showcases a world-class act that would leave you speechless in awe. Cap your tour with this amazing stunt and inspiring performance.

Montreal can offer you plenty of different attractions and it is definitely worth seeing while staying in Canada.

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