How Can you get a Green Card in Canada?

How Can you get a Green Card in Canada?

How Can you get a Green Card in Canada?

Canada is the second largest nation in the world, located in the continent of North America with borders shared with the US in the South, and Alaska in the North. The country is bordered on three sides by water;the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and the North Sea.  

Why is Canada such an attractive place to live?

Canada is an extremely desirable country to live in, with internationally recognised high standards of education, low crime rates, a strong and stable economy and with an excellent universal healthcare system.The size and geography of Canada means it has an abundance of beautiful nature and wide-open spaces with a low population density of just four people per square kilometre.

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How can you get a green card in Canada?

In Canada, the term ANGreencard is replaced by AL Permanent Resident Status. Permanent Resident Status is normally granted for between one and five years and can be renewed.

There are many eligible reasons you may apply for Permanent Resident Status, including:

-You already reside in Canada and wish to apply for permanent status

-You are a skilled worker, or have skills or education such as being multilingual or have experience in a trade which will be a benefit to the Canadian workforce

-You are moving to Canada for work, or plan to start your own business there

-You are moving to Canada to study

-You have moved to Canada under refugee status and had your application approved by the Immigration and Refugee Board

There are other ways to travel to Canada, and other visas you can apply for, including a Canadian Tourist Visa and a Temporary Resident Visa. A Tourist Visa can be valid for up to six months and is granted for travel and recreational visits.

How much does it cost?

Different types of visas and permits carry different costs currently the application fee for a Permanent Residency Card is $490 Canadian Dollars (about $370 US Dollars).

What do you need to do to apply?

Applying for a Permanent Residency Card is a fairly simple process, and you will need to submit a set of documents and pay the applicable fee. The documents you will need include:

-Your completed application forms

-A copy of your passport or travel documents

-Two photos of yourself

-A receipt showing payment of the application fee

Where can I get an application pack?

You can download all the forms and guidance on how to complete them from the Canadian Government website at

How long does it take?

Applications can take between 50 days for an online application, and up to 105 days for a paper application to be processed.

What are the benefits of becoming a permanent resident?

Once you have successfully applied for permanent resident status, you can enjoy the lifestyle and culture of Canada in full, including the rights to:

  • Live, study and work anywhere in Canada
  • Apply for full Canadian citizenship
  • Receive social benefits including healthcare
  • Protection under Canadian law

You must pay the applicable taxes and comply with all Canadian laws as any other citizen.



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