Canadian Visa for Spanish citizens

Canadian Visa for Spanish citizens

Canadian Visa for Spanish citizens

Canada is a magnificent tourist destination to visit North America. Fortunate for its geographical location, its climate, and its history, it offers citizens from all over the world beautiful places to recognize the heritage of native peoples and European explorers, nature, and fun.

People in Spain like to visit America during their vacations and one thing they prepare in advance is their Canadian visa for Spanish citizens.

Spanish people love to travel

According to the study of Summer Holiday 2019, conducted by the TripAdvisor travel website, which was based on 1,500 surveys: 95% of Spanish plan to go on vacation – almost four points more than a year ago – and 39% of total will opt for a national destination.

Regarding the motivation when choosing a destination, 4 out of 10 are moved by the interest that the destination arouses, while for 16.5% the price factor (cheap flights, offer in a hotel or vacation package) is decisive

37% of Spaniards will choose an international destination and the American capitals are one of the most desired capitals. The remaining 24% will divide your vacations and enjoy a part of the time in national destinations and another abroad.

Regarding the duration and price of the trips, most will leave for two weeks (35.5%) and will have a budget of between 1,000 and 3,000 euros per person, including transportation, accommodation, restaurants, and leisure. Bars and restaurants will account for 20-40% of the budget.

Couple trips are, with 40%, the most frequent. 39% will spend the holidays with family, 17% with friends and 4% will be encouraged to travel alone. The remaining 1% said they will travel in a group with strangers.

The Spanish, forecasters when traveling, make sure they have their Canadian visa for Spanish citizens if they go to this wonderful destination. Hotels are still the most chosen accommodation, with 49%, followed by rental properties, with 12.5%, as a second option.

Why choose Canada for your vacation?

During your stay in the tourist sites of Canada, you will be impressed by its historical and natural beauty and its energetic adrenaline adventures that are left over to do, such as rafting in the Canadian Rockies, or hiking in the Haida Gwaii archipelago.

Besides, if you come from Spain it is very easy that you can enjoy the virtues of this beautiful place, you just need to have your Canadian visa for Spanish citizens ready, which is a digital permit that allows you to travel as a tourist to this country with no inconvenience.

This North American country gives you an unparalleled experience when you explore the beauty and outdoor recreational activities that winter brings on Whistler Mountain or the undisputed and divine cuisine of the city of Montreal.

Two beautiful places you shouldn’t miss

Niagara Falls

Without a doubt, one of Canada’s most famous places is Niagara Falls in Ontario, because of its presence in films or because its waters are the most voluminous in all of North America. This natural location has a peculiar location because to enjoy it you will have to move to the border of the United States and Canada.

Emerald Lake

It is situated in Yoho National Park in the Province of British Columbia of Canada. This lake is one of the most beautiful places in Canada, characterized by a beautiful emerald color, abundant and lush trees and an island where the Emerald Lake Lodge is located, a place with lodging service

Is the Canadian visa for Spanish citizens necessary to travel?

The eTA visa (Electronic Travel Authorization) is an e-visa that allows you to easily access the Canadian territory as a tourist. All you need to get your visa is a stable internet connection and a valid passport.

It will take you just a few minutes to fill out the online application form and pay the fee required.

The average waiting time to receive your visa to Canada is 72 hours after applying. So very quickly and easily and without long lines, you will have your Canadian visa for Spanish citizens to travel and enjoy the maple’s nation.

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