Canadian Visa for UK citizens

Canadian Visa for UK citizens

Canadian Visa for UK citizens

UK citizens and Canadians have much in common as far as their cultures are concerned, both countries are English-speaking, law-abiding, punctual, excellent planners and especially friendly when it comes to socializing.

For this reason, every year hundreds of UK travelers choose Canada for holidays to take their minds off the routine of everyday life. Also, the favorite cities are Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver thanks to the different scenarios for all tastes that only in Canada you can see.

However, there is an agreement between both nationalities where UK citizens are allowed to enter the country employing an eTA to Canada, of which our team will give you full details while you keep reading.

Interesting facts every UK citizen should know before traveling to Canada

When planning your trip, you should select the appropriate purpose as the nature of the electronic travel authorization you will be requesting depends on such. Currently, UK citizens have 3 types of authorization available, the first is for tourism, commonly known as eTA to Canada, and is the most used by travelers.

Next is e-visa for business, when the traveler is invited to participate in a business conference or a specific business event.

Thirdly, the transit e-visa, ideal when the traveler has a destination country other than Canada but the flight makes a stopover in the country, the authorization will allow you to transit freely in Canada for 72 hours, but taking into account that you cannot miss your flight.

Once the nature of the trip has been selected, you must proceed to make the application for e-Visa.

To do so, you must fill out a form online containing all the data required, including your passport number.

It is important to ensure your passport is from the United Kingdom and is valid for the duration of your stay in Canada. Moreover, filling out the form is completely simple and will not take up your time, as you will have completed the application in less than 15 minutes.

If you need assistance in completing your application for an eTA to Canada, a qualified team will guide you through the process. As for the approval time, it is really fast, because most of the time the response is immediate, however, if it is not, it will not exceed 72 hours

About the administrative costs, after filling out your form, you can cancel employing your credit or debit card, from which the payment confirmation will be sent directly to your email as well as the e-visa when it is approved.

The Electronic Travel Authorization is a document that makes it easier for UK travelers to plan the trip without the need for complicated paperwork or legal documentation at embassies or the airport to enter Canada.

The intention is to strengthen relations between both countries, while UK citizens can enjoy their time in the country.

Important recommendations for UK citizens when traveling to Canada

Making use of your eTA to Canada, the best time to visit the country is from July to September since you will be able to enjoy the beautiful Canadian natural landscapes, in addition to the divine beaches, sunny days and the best shows performed in the different cities of Canada, such as the Quebec City Summer Festival, Tim Hortons Southside Shuffle Blues And Jazz Festival or the Montréal Cirque Festival.

If you plan to stay in a city, you will not need to rent a vehicle, as Canada’s public transportation system is the best in the world, which will allow you to get around the city without raising the cost of your trip.

However, if you want to travel through some villages or between cities, you can make use of the train service that even connects you to cities in the northern United States.

Check-in advance which products you can bring into the country, as authorities filter out items that are inappropriate under Canadian law.

If you do, you can avoid registration for non-compliance, as Canada is strict with its laws, and may even deny you entry for possessing an unsuitable product. Although in this sense you should not be afraid, just take the respective precautions, because these measures are to ensure the safety and health of the country.

Canadian Visa for UK citizens