Canadian Visa for Swiss citizens

Canadian Visa for Swiss citizens

Canadian Visa for Swiss citizens

Canada is the incredible country where its people in winter go out to enjoy the weather, outdoor activities like skating in the world’s largest ice rink located in Ottawa, also Canadians make great celebrations like the Quebec Winter Carnival being one of the most important winter events worldwide. It is an amazing country and there is no doubt why Swiss citizens enjoy spending their vacations in Canada every year. Especially since the beginning of the agreement for travelers from Switzerland to enter Canada with an electronic travel authorization, as this greatly facilitates the process for vacationing abroad.

Step process to apply for an eTA to Canada

Step 1: Have a valid Swiss passport.

Step 2: Have a credit or debit card enabled for online payments.

Step 3: Fill out the online form for approval of an eTA to Canada.

Step 4: Make payment for the service.

Step 5: Wait for an email confirmation of travel authorization approval.

Tips to get your eTA to Canada approved (that actually works!)

The most important step for a Swiss citizen to take when filling out the form is to verify that all the information entered is valid, especially the email address where the eTA to Canada approval response can be received. On the other hand, make sure that all emails are in the inbox, as it is possible that by mistake the email falls into the spam folder if so, validate that the email comes from a reliable source to prevent future emails concerning your e-visa from reaching the wrong folder.

On the other hand, you must be sure of the reason for your trip, because even though the e-visas are similar, it is important to adhere to the law. You can apply for a tourism or business permit, both enable you to stay in Canada for 90 days, but if you are going to meetings or business events, you need to apply for the business eTA. However, if you only make a short stop in Canada because your final destination is another country, you must apply for a transit authorization and you can only stay in the country for 72 hours.

If you are not completely sure how to fill out the form, it is recommended that you contact the group of experts who are available 24 hours a day, hence it is better to send the application form only when you are sure that your details have been properly entered. This way you will not have any inconvenience in terms of approval.

Places a Swiss tourist can visit using an eTA to Canada

A Swiss citizen with an approved eTA to Canada has endless possibilities to get the best out of a holiday in Canada, and every season of the year there are different events or activities to do, you just need to plan what you would like to do or experience in this wonderful country.

  • To see the majesty of nature, you must visit the Niagara Falls, with a drop of approximately 180 ft, or Lake Moraine which is located in Banff National Park, which is fed by a glacier making the water look beautiful blue although as it is surrounded by mountains with more than 3000 meters high making the entire place breathtaking.
  • You can travel by aerial cable car to the snow tunnels located on Whistler Mountain. It is a 2 km long road covered with huge blocks of ice, which are undoubtedly an unforgettable experience to witness. If you continue on the route of the ice, you must go to the capital of Polar Bears, located in northern Manitoba, where you can enjoy the habitat of polar bears from close and in summer see whales or seals as well.
  • Known internationally as one of the 100 most visited museums, the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal is one of the largest museums in the city. It is undoubtedly the best tourist attraction where you can learn about graphic arts, archaeology, world cultures, sculpture garden, and photography. Similarly, in Ottawa, you will meet the residence of the two prime ministers of Canada, which was built in 1878 and now functions as an impressive public museum, which preserves a Canadian historical treasure.

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