Canadian Visa for Monégasque citizens

Canadian Visa for Monégasque citizens

Canadian Visa for Monégasque citizens


Travelling to Canada offers a lot of opportunities. It’s always a good time to travel to this beautiful country – whether you plan to go there in the summertime or the winter. Now you don’t have to apply for a regular visa at the embassy anymore.

The only thing you need to have is eTA Canada. This travel authorization system allows you to enter Canada without the necessity to apply for a standard, regular visa at the embassy or the consulate.

Remember, that eTA is a document that applies only for a tourist or a business trip to Canada. At the same time, it is an obligatory, secure document, when you are travelling to Canada by plane.

Requirements for Monégasque citizens

Being holders of Monégasque passport allows you to request eTA Canada.

However, if you are planning to go to Canada, check first if you meet a few requirements. 

It is essential to make sure you didn’t commit any crimes or serious abusements, otherwise, you will not be able to cross the Canadian border.

The second important thing is to possess a valid passport – and the legitimacy of your document has to be at least half a year. When your passport expires, you will have to apply for a new eTA. 

The same goes for when you will lose your document – all the changes in your passport require a new eTA application.

Remember that to apply for eTA, you need a biometrical passport, which means that your document has to have an electronic chip. It allows the border officer to read your eTA. After you land, you do not need to have a printed document with you.

How to apply for eTA

Request for getting eTA is straightforward. You will need to visit our website and click the button “apply” – then, you will be redirected to the online form.

For filling this questionnaire, you will need some necessary personal information, like your birthplace or your nationality.

You will be asked as well to put the information about your travel purpose and the date since your eTA should be active. You will also need to fill in your passport details – very important is to check the information before you will enter it to the form.

 After filling the form, you will need to pay for your eTA. The cost of your permission is only 49 Euro, and it is the same for every nationality that can apply for eTA. This electronic permission is valid for 5 years from the issuing date – and during that period you can enter the Canadian territory as many times, as you want.

The only condition is that your maximum stay cannot be longer than half a year at a time. You can make the payment using your credit or a debit card, and we accept as welll other forms of payment.

The process is straightforward – it is nothing more than when you pay for something online.

After your process finishes, we will send you a confirmation email with a unique number of your visa.

You can use it to check your application status. If you cannot do it by yourself, we invite you to contact our support team. We will be glad to help you and answer any questions.


Why should you travel to Canada?

After your visa application is ready, you can relax and enjoy planning your trip. Because your eTA is valid for 5 years, you have a lot of time to plan – and to travel. This big and beautiful country can offer you some breathtaking sceneries, clean earth, and gentle people. In the 19th century, Canada was famous for the gold rush, and a lot of small towns were created especially for this purpose. Right now, only small number of people live in places like that; however, you can make a beautiful, sentimental journey through the remains of the colonial culture.

If you prefer a bit more modern entertainment, visit one of the famous Canadian cities – Toronto, Ottawa or Quebeck. Those cities have a lot of theatres, museums, and universities.

But for many travellers, Canada is known mostly for the beautiful and wild landscapes. You can rent a kayak or do mountain climbing, or find your own way to explore Canada.




Canadian Visa for Monégasque citizens