Canadian Visa for Mexican citizens

Canadian Visa for Mexican citizens

Canadian Visa for Mexican citizens

Canadian visa for Mexican citizens

If you have come to this page, perhaps you are interested in traveling to Canada. Whether it is for the next vacation or business, you have to understand all the requirements for the Canadian visa for Mexican citizens.

It is essential to understand what the Canadian authorities are asking before you start planning the trip. Let’s see what is necessary.

First of all, it should be clarified that Canada uses the eTA program. It is an acronym of Electronic Travel Authorization. There is no need to schedule an appointment in person for the traditional visa interview.

The eTA is a type of Canadian visa that all citizens of visa waiver countries (including Mexico) must have when entering the country.

Types of Canadian visa and its requirements

In Canada, you have various criteria and conditions to enter. Therefore, those born in Spain or Chile must not necessarily have the same requirements as citizens of Mexico or the United States.

The first thing to keep in mind before applying for your eTA visa is to make sure you have your passport in order.

The passport is a document you will upload to our website. You will be required to provide a passport that is valid at least 6 months on the time you apply.

Subsequently, you need to decide what type of visa is best suited to your needs. It is something necessary since there is a broad option of visas. However, we will focus on the most common case which is a tourist visa.

In this case, there are two types of tourist visas to which the applicant can apply. The first one is a single-entry visa. As the name implies, this visa only allows the holder to enter Canada only once.

It could be your ideal visa if you plan to make a single visit to Canada. However, if by any chance, you think of returning, you will have to start all the procedures again.

Similarly, you can also opt for a multiple-entry visa. This visa has a validity of 10 years and enables people who have it to have a temporary residence in the country for a maximum number of six different times.


What requirements do I have to meet to get Canada?

Here, we leave you a brief checklist that has the basic requirements you need before starting the application process.

  • Valid passport: It is essential for obtaining a Canadian visa.
  • You should not have a criminal record related to immigration crimes: If you have one, this precedent pulverizes the trust of the authorities and practically cancels the request instantly.
  • You should not be an illegal immigrant: the greatest fear of immigration officers is to let a person who does not plan to leave there enter your country. For this reason, you must show that you have ties in your country that bind you to a mandatory return to it, whether properties, real estate, cars, businesses, or financial assets.
  • You have enough money for your stay: another essential requirement is to make sure you have enough money to stay during your visit to Canada.
  • In some cases, a medical report is requested to verify the applicant’s health status.
  • Ask for a letter of invitation from a relative or colleagues in Canada: It is sometimes favorable to have a letter of invitation written by a family member or relative who will receive you upon arrival in Canada. The letter must include all your contact information, the purpose of the trip, the time of visiting and the city of your stay.

Final Thoughts

Unlike many other Latin American countries, Mexico is considered a country included in the visa waiver program. Therefore, someone does not need to apply for a visa to enter Canada if the visit is less than 6 months.

However, it will be necessary to process a Canada eTA or electronic travel authorization.

It is a digital document that will be linked to your Mexican passport. The requirements of this document are relatively simple to obtain and the application process is also very affordable and fast online.

Unfortunately, if you do not have a Mexican passport to apply for an eTA, you will need to process their tourist visa.

Canadian visa for Mexican citizens