Canadian Visa for Japanese citizens

Canadian Visa for Japanese citizens

Canadian Visa for Japanese citizens

For Japanese citizens, living in Canada means changing their lifestyle dramatically because it has advantages that range from traveling quietly in public transport, having access to buying a home whose cost is relative to the quality of the city, accessible medical services, excellent educational centers, and prestigious universities.

On the other hand, in Canada, you can enjoy beautiful natural landscapes, clean air and learn to relate to different cultures thanks to the diversity of immigrants in the country.

Without a doubt, it is the ideal country if you want to move from Japan.

But for a Japanese to move, you must first solve different variables such as: where to live in Canada? How will you generate income to support your family? Where are your children going to study?

For this reason, it is always recommended that you first visit Canada as a tourist, so you can evaluate the possibilities that the country has for you. However, you will need a travel authorization to enter Canada, which is also known as an eTA Canada.

A step-by-step guide for Japanese to apply for an eTA Canada

Step 1: You have to provide basic information such as name, surname, passport, date of birth, marital status, your passport details etc

Step 2: Fill out the form with your information making sure that all of the items are correct. To apply for the travel authorization, you can do it from a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Step 3: You will be asked to pay certain expenses that you generate when applying for a travel authorization. You can use a credit/debit card or another method of payment that is available. Once your payment is approved you will immediately receive an email with the payment confirmation.

Step 4: When the citizen of Japanese origin is approved, you will receive the authorization via email within 72 hours.

Note: the authorization is only approved for tourist or business purposes, and your trip cannot last more than 90 days. Although, you can keep the authorization for 5 years and make several trips in such a period.

Top advantages for the Japanese to live in Canada

  • For the youngest, the Canadian education system is in the top 10 worldwide, so your children will not only have first-hand education, but they can also learn to master languages ​​such as English and French, in addition to Japanese.
  • From the labor point of view, Canada offers excellent salaries regardless of the type of profession, so as Japanese you can have a high standard of living at a relatively low cost. The best thing is that using the eTA Canada you can do business in the country as long as you do not exceed the 90-day rule since Canadians are strict in compliance with their laws.
  • The public transport system is to envy. It has what is known as an integrated ticket, that is, with a single ticket you can travel by bus, tram or subway. It is characterized by being the most organized and efficient service, in which you can travel with your pets or even bicycles. Most importantly, Canadians have respect for people who travel in public transportation and there are no incidents related to harassment or robbery.
  • Both the health system and the safety system are the most efficient worldwide. All emergencies are treated as quickly as possible and crime rates are incredibly low. There is no clear difference between clinics and hospitals, in both, you will be treated with the same quality since the health of a patient is respected.

The best Japanese places in Canada

Once your eTA Canada is approved you can visit places like the JCCC also known as the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center, located in Toronto.

Founded in 1963, this place gathers Japanese history, culture, and tradition so that the Japanese community can keep the relationship alive with its origins even when they are outside Japan.

As well in Toronto, you can enjoy the best Japanese cuisine, which preserves the traditional flavors of its country. The most famous Japanese restaurants in Canada are Miku, Ramen Isshin, and Kinka Izakaya Original.

Canadian Visa for Japanese citizens