Canadian Visa for Italian citizens

Canadian Visa for Italian citizens

Canadian Visa for Italian citizens

Canada is one of the countries preferred by Italian immigrants due to its strong economy, excellent opportunities to grow professionally, a safe environment to have children, prestigious universities, extensive shopping centers and different natural landscapes that will dazzle you.

Besides, it is the country whose culture is rich since it is full of history that comes from different origins, so, due to its diversity, it is easier to adapt and be understood as an Italian citizen.

Furthermore, Italian citizens are very well received in Canada for being highly qualified professionals who can bring great knowledge to Canadian companies. However, Italians require authorization before entering the country, due to security measures.

In this case, the eTA Canada works to stay for 90 days in Canada, both for tourist or business purposes.

How to quickly obtain your e-visa to Canada in 5 easy steps?

Step 1: Italian citizens must fill out an online form whereas an Italian, you will be required to provide in detail your data, data concerning your business and how much money you are going to enter Canada. If you have any physical condition or if you have a work permit beforehand.

Step 2: You must verify that all the data entered in the form to apply for the electronic visa are correct because otherwise, it will cause the denial of the permit or delays in your trip.

Step 3: Using your credit or debit card, you have to pay the expenses related to the service to obtain the eTA Canada.

Step 4: Check your email because you will get an online confirmation that your payment has been approved.

Step 5: You must wait for no more than 72 hours for an agent to contact you via email, and send you the eTA Canada.

Key benefits of Italian traveling using your eTA Canada

  • The main advantage of traveling using the e-visa is that it does not take a long time to be approved. It saves you time while avoiding worrying about complicated procedures. Nor does it require difficult documentation that involves other legal procedures to be obtained.
  • It allows you to exploit Canada, visit the most amazing natural parks such as Gross Morne National Park or Jasper Park, marvel at museums and art galleries such as the Museum of Fine Arts, fall in love with nature while being on the Botanical Garden of Montreal and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the Niagara Falls.
  • Another advantage is the fact that you can visit the country to find out what your job options are in Canada. Italians with university education are generally located in jobs related to chemical engineering, medicine, and psychology, nevertheless, those without formal education are dedicated to carpentry, gardening, plumbing or truck drivers. However, all professions have excellent labor benefits, to maintain the good economy of the nation, that is why Canada differs from other countries in terms of growth opportunities.
  • ETA Canada is valid for 5 years, therefore, its procedure guarantees that you can travel on different occasions, always with the precaution that the stay does not exceed 90 days per trip.

5 Things you need to know about Canada

  1. In Montreal, after English and French, Italian is the third most spoken language. In fact, it has different districts totally of Italian origin, like Saint-Leonard, La Petite-Italie, LaSalle and Riviere-des-Prairies.
  2. To maintain the faith and religious tradition of Italy, its citizens gather in Ontario, since 1902 at the Catholic Church called Saint Francis of Assisi. However, there are other churches throughout Canada, such as Santa Maria Goretti in Edmonton or Mother of the Redeemer Mary in Calgary.
  3. Most Italian citizens when moving to Canada stay in cities like Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto. In fact, you will find exclusive shops, restaurants, and clubs for speakers of the Italian language.
  4. There are incredible job opportunities for Italians in Canada, which can be located online and through the eTA Canada, specify personally. Especially if you are a chef and know how to cook with the famous Italian seasoning since numerous restaurants are willing to hire high-quality chefs with impressive salaries.
  5. In the city of Toronto is where most job opportunities for Italians are found, where the main requirement is mastery of the Italian language.

Canadian Visa for Italian citizens