Canadian Visa for Icelandic citizens

Canadian Visa for Icelandic citizens

Canadian Visa for Icelandic citizens

Canada is a dream country where you can enjoy some incredible natural landscapes at any time of the year. Since in the winter there are hundreds of beautiful natural places to visit, as well as in the autumn and summer.

Besides, thanks to the influence of different cultures in the country, you can enjoy the most delicious dishes from each region of Canada.

However, it is important to apply for Electronic Travel Authorization before entering the country if you are interested in enjoying a pleasant vacation or in attending a business conference.

Step by step guide for an Icelandic citizen to apply for an eTA to Canada

Firstly, it is important to note that the Electronic Travel Authorization, or better known as an eTA to Canada, is a permit issued to the citizens of countries that make up the Visa Waiver program. Thus, Icelandic citizens can easily apply for the e-visa.

The program is intended to facilitate travel arrangements for those who are only going for vacation, conferences or business events, and also to encourage tourism between these countries. Generating for Icelandic citizens a great opportunity to marvel at the beautiful landscapes of Canada.

To apply for eTA to Canada you must follow the steps below:

  1. Fill in an online form where you correctly place your name, surname, the reason for travel, passport number, telephone numbers and especially, an e-mail of your preference to be able to receive communications related to your Electronic Travel Authorization.
  2. Once the form is completed, you will be required to pay the expenses generated by the processing of the application. To do so, use your credit card/PayPal/ another method of payment that is available
  3. Check your e-mail for a confirmation number, with which you can check the status of your eTA. Then, within maximum of 72 hours, e-visa will be sent onto your e-mail address.

It is important to highlight there are 3 types of authorizations:

  1. Tourist Electronic Travel Authorization: is when the Icelandic citizen wants to travel to spend a vacation in Canada. The length of stay in the country cannot exceed 90 days.
  2. Business Electronic Travel Authorization: is when the citizen has the objective of attending business conferences or professional events in Canada. Like the tourist e-visa, the permit enables you to stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days.
  3. Transit Electronic Travel Authorization: is granted when the Icelandic citizen is scheduled to travel to a country other than Canada but the flight makes a stopover. For 24 hours, the person can remain in Canada while waiting for the next flight.

3 best places in Canada that will amaze Icelandic travellers

  1. The Valley of the Ten Peaks and Lake Moraine. Located in the Banff National Park in Alberta, it is a glacier that gives the waters of the lake a beautiful and a very attractive blue colour. Moreover, it is surrounded by mountains that are more than 3000 meters high and coniferous forests. It is currently one of the most visited destinations in Canada for its majestic beauty.
  2. The CN Tower located in Toronto. Despite not being a natural place, its attraction that you can appreciate is an incredible view of Toronto from the heights. It has a glass floor and is approximately 553 meters high. From the tower, you can appreciate the beauty of Lake Ontario, the different skyscrapers of the Financial District and the neighbourhoods of the city.
  3. Spotted Lake. It is located a 100 kilometres from Vancouver and due to its strange beauty, it is one of the most visited lakes in Canada. It has different coloured spots in its waters, which is why the natives used to believe these waters had healing and medical properties. The effect that these spots give can only be appreciated in this lake, that’s why it is so special.

Canada is so amazing. You can also visit its Niagara Falls, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Northern Lights, Bay of Fundy, Whistler’s snow tunnels and Mirror Lake, just to mention some of its wonderful natural sites.

Don’t miss the opportunity to apply for an eTA to Canada because it is a journey guaranteed to leave you mesmerized by so much natural beauty.

Canadian Visa for Icelandic citizens