Canadian Visa for Belgian citizens

Canadian Visa for Belgian citizens

Canadian Visa for Belgian citizens

Even though Canadian visa for Belgian citizens is not required as they are exempted like the citizens of many other nationalities still Belgians have to apply for ETA before their departure for Canada. 

Requirements for getting Canada eTA for Belgian citizens

Belgians have to fulfill certain requirements (they are pretty easy and obtainable) when traveling to Canada.

Passport: The citizens of Belgium must have a valid passport before applying for Canada ETA otherwise they cannot apply for it. The passport they have must be valid for at least six months from the date of their arrival into Canada.

So before applying for ETA, they must ensure the date of the expiry of their passport.

Email address: They must have a valid email address before applying for ETA as the confirmation of their ETA will be sent by email. Belgians don’t need to carry the hard copy of ETA with them as it is linked electronically to their passport. However, if you want you can print a copy of it.

Payment method: In order to process the online application for Canada ETA Belgian citizens will have to pay processing fees online through a valid online payment method.

They can pay the fee through their debit or credit card are by using some of the online payment accounts like PayPal etc. as per their convenience. There are a few different methods available.


How to apply for Canada eTA for the citizens of Belgium?

After collecting all the documents the citizens of Belgium will have to fill up an online application form. They can access it here get any help online while completing their application form.

Belgian citizens will have to provide their personal information like their name, date of birth, phone number, and address, etc.

They should also provide information about their passport and necessary details about their trip to Canada.

Moreover, they will be asked to choose a time for processing their application as the fee of the Canada ETA will be determined on this basis.

So, Canada visa is not required for the citizens of Belgium but if they are traveling by air then they must have a Canada ETA.

The documents they have to send with their online application form for Canada ETA should be valid for 5 years or at least up to the date of the expiry of their passport.

It will allow them to use those documents several times whenever required in the future. After getting Canada ETA Belgian citizens can stay in Canada for up to 6 months whenever they enter Canada.

In order to know more about getting a Canadian visa for Belgian citizens, you can visit at any time.

Canadian Visa For Belgian Citizens