Canadian Visa for Australian citizens

Canadian Visa for Australian citizens

Canadian Visa for Australian citizens

Citizens who are Australian nationals and want to enter Canada do not need a visa for a stay of up to 6 months in the country. They will need eTa instead.

Although the short-term stay in Canada is exempt from the visa requirement for Australian nationals, every Canadian traveler arriving by plane is required to submit an electronic entry permit.

Since 2016, every flight passenger who lands at a Canadian airport is required to have this electronic entry permit.



No entry without eTA

After the global terrorist attacks, many countries tightened their entry requirements. Border controls are more meticulous and take more time. The popular travel destination in Canada is no exception.

All nationalities, including Australian citizens, who were once allowed to enter the country for three months without a visa, have been obliged since November 2016, to present an electronically issued permit when entering the country by air.

eTA replaces the function of the previous tourist visa. If a trip to Canada does not have a tourist purpose, but takes place as a business trip, the same applies to stay in the country for up to six months. A visa is no longer necessary, but the eTA is a must.

What does eTA mean?

The abbreviation stands for an electronic Travel Authorization. Anyone traveling to Canada for an unforgettable vacation by plane must apply for this permit. This permit is also mandatory for transit.

All Australian vacationers who do not enter Canada by air, but come to the country by sea, for example, do not need an eTA. The same applies to those arriving in Canada by land.


eTA Canada Validity

Once the entry permit has been issued, it is valid for the following five years from the application. Once approved, Australian tourists can repeatedly enter Canada by air while they are still valid.

This condition is beneficial for multiple vacations stays as well as visits to relatives and acquaintances in Canada. The low fee for the permit is a worthwhile investment, especially for frequent flyers.

Applying for eTA for children and minors

All Australian air passengers who want to visit the diverse country of Canada must present an electronic entry permit. Accordingly, this also includes children traveling with them. Even underage children need their identity documents and the personal eTA document.

To ensure uncomplicated entry to Canada, parents who arrive at a Canadian airport with their children should have written consent as proof of their parents. This way, the authorities can ensure that you are not performing human trafficking or child abduction.

eTA Canada requirements for Australian

The essential requirement for obtaining the electronic entry permit to Canada is a valid passport. The document has to be valid at the time of application up to six months from the date of the return flight date.

Canadian travelers whose identification documents expire before the scheduled return trip should apply for the extension or a completely new passport. To complete the visa application on our website, other requirements you must have are:

  • A credit card or an internet payment account like PayPal
  • A working email address.
  • A digital photo with a white background

If the application of eTA Canada goes without a problem, the confirmation will land in the email inbox after a few minutes.

How to apply for eTA for Canada

Australian travelers to Canada can easily apply for the required eTA from their homes. The online application is usually processed quickly. You have to fill out an online application form to get your eTA Canada.

Many applicants will receive confirmation of their eTA confirmation within a few minutes by email. However, processing the online application can take up to a few days. However, if we ask you to submit additional documents, we will delay the issuance of this entry permit accordingly.


What if my eTA to Canada is rejected?

In rare cases, the online application for entry into Canada is rejected. The reasons for a rejection can be of many. Sometimes, data transmission on the Internet does not work properly. In other situations, a visa may be required and not just the entry permit.

The inspectors will mostly refuse entry fo convicted travelers or people on the international no-fly list.

In the worst case, anyone who is subject to suspicion and does not have an entry permit must stay in the airport building and take a direct flight to their home country from there. However, it serves to make border guards efficient and effective.

With the help of electronic entry permits, the Canadian authorities can work effectively and efficiently.

Canadian visa for Australian citizens