Best beaches in Ontario

Best beaches in Ontario

Best beaches in Ontario

Apply for eTA Canada and experience the best beaches in the world! Most of them can be found close to the Great Lakes. All of them come with superb views.

As there are so many beaches in and around Ontario it can be very hard to choose which one to go to. Read through and discover the best beaches in Ontario.

Sauble Beach

This stunning beach is perfect for families to escape to. With its soft white sands and clear blue ocean, we are sure that you will enjoy. Not only will you be able to enjoy the wonderful sunsets, but you’ll soon discover a wide range of entertainment to help keep you occupied.

Crystal Beach

Now Crystal Beach is sure to impress. It’s amazing flat sand stretches for miles along the coast. The water is always warm. Crystal beach has been described as paradise.

Here you can listen to live music or spend time snorkeling to explore what is hiding under the sea. Yoga classes and spa treatments are also favorite activities locals here love to take part in. At night time, you can enjoy the vast array of restaurants.


Cobourg Beach

Cobourg Beach is another fantastic beach designed for families. It is only about thirty minutes out of the city of Toronto, or a sixty minute train trip.

The waters are crystal clear and it is sand remarkably soft. Here, families can enjoy playing along the monkey bars, or climbing the intriguing structures that cannot be found anywhere else. Splash pads are also great for play.

What’s more, is that you are allowed to bring your animals along. Not all beaches in Ontario cater for this, so Cobourg Beach is a must if you wish to bring your animal with you.


Goderich Beach

Goderich Beach is, without doubt, the very best beach in the whole of Ontario. Not only is there one beach surrounding the town of Goderich, but three.

All three beaches are what makes it ideal for all kinds of families. Every beach offers gentle waves and shallow water. You’ll be able to watch the ships coming and going. Why not enjoy a snack as you sit back and relax whilst you are watching the ships?

If you prefer to sit in the shade, then Saint Christopher’s beach offers plenty of pavilions. As with Cobourg Beach, Saint Christopher’s beach is also suitable for animals.

Prefer to learn more about the local culture? Then Rotary Cove beach is a must.

Port Stanley Beach

Port Stanley Beach sits located at Lake Erie. This is a town that loves the beach they have to offer. The locals are always taking good care of it. This beach is suitable for those who need to use strollers or wheelchairs. The facilities are clean. A picnic area is also available to take advantage of.

This beach is always patrolled by lifeguards, so you can be sure it is a safe as possible. The waters are surprisingly warm and the sand is remarkably soft. These are just a few of Ontario best beaches. We are sure that you and your family would enjoy all of these.

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