Which Are The Best Places To Visit In Canada?


Canada is a country in North America, which in recent decades is a popular tourist destination. Surrounded by U.S in the south and the Arctic Circle in the north, it is a vast country with a wide range of vibrant cities, attractive places, and attractive places. From lakes to mountains and forests to vast wildlife with a great natural heritage, it has a treasure of breathtaking places and attractions that can make you love this land of wonders.

There are many things and facts that make Canada a terrific, unique and amazing place, but there are some facts that are still hidden and quite interesting. If you've been to Canada or not, read about its hidden prospects and know it carefully.

  1. Not allowed to bargain in Canada: Conflict in Canada is not allowed. The best price here can not be.
  2. It does not allow you to drive from the left side if you are hiring a car: when hiring a vehicle in Canada, always remember to go to the right side.
  3. Environmental rules are stringent: while in Canada, you need to be especially careful in throwing or littering debris on the road. It is essential to protect the environment.
  4. It shares the longest border with U.S: the border between the US and Canada is 1,538 miles, which is the longest border in the world.
  5. National flag was adopted in 1965: the country did not have a national flag until its parliament passed a maple leaf on the flag.
  6. It is responsible for 9% of the world's water supply: Canada adds 9% of the world's water supply, which makes it a noble nation.
  7. It has more than 99% of the literary course: the literary indicator of Canada is 99%, which makes him one of the most developed countries in the world.
  8. Its flag is always carried by tourists: tourists who are in Canada, always carry the flag of their country no matter where they go.
  9. It is the founder of the game Ice Hockey: Ice Hockey is Canada's gift to the whole world, the rules of which were published for the first time in the Montreal newspaper in 1877.
  10. It is the largest producer of popular dessert wine: Canada has the pleasure of producing and serving a delicious Icewine dessert.
  11. It has only one desert: in Canada, in the British Columbia region, there is only one desert, which is 15 miles long.
  12. It got its name from the Iroquois of St. Lawrence: the name of this widely popular nation was derived from the word Iroquois "Kanata", which means a village or settlement.
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  14. This is the second largest country in the world: the fact is still unknown, but it is perhaps the second largest country in the world after Russia.
  15. It has the longest coastline in the world: Canada has a coastline of 151,600 miles, which is the longest in the world.
  16. It has the largest number of inland lakes: Canada has more private lakes than anywhere else in the world.

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