How To Check Canada Visa Online – Try it here!

How To Check Canada Visa Online – Try it here!

How To Check Canada Visa Online – Try it here!

An Electronic Travel Authorization, also called the eTA is basically an entry requirement that foreign nationals from certain visa exempt countries require to enter Canada.

It confirms their eligibility for traveling to Canada and it is an official and a very important document. One can say that it almost serves the same purpose as that of a visa, but the method to obtain an eTA is very different than the procedure to get a visa.

It is quite a hectic task to apply for a visa but it takes just a few minutes to check your eligibility to get an eTA online after which you can easily file the eTA application.

How to check Canada visa online can be easily answered on the website and you will get the complete assistance about your eTA application here.

Checking the Canada visa online

How to check Canada visa online is not a very difficult question now with the website which helps you with your eTA application.

You can check your eligibility on this website and check what all documents are required for making the application.

Once you are aware of everything, you can proceed to file the application on this website.

There is also an option to check your eTA application status online here with the link:

You will be required to enter the basic details like your passport number, your name and your application ID for checking the application status.

The eTA will be directly sent to the email address you used in filing the application.

The passport you used for the same will be linked to your eTA once it is approved and you receive it online.

Apply Online for an eTA Canada

More about the eTA

An eTA is a necessary document for all the foreign nationals who are visiting Canada from the visa exempt countries like certain countries from Europe.

It is relatively very easy to enter in Canada because all you require is an eTA as an additional travel document.

You will need it for visiting Canada for any business, transit or travel purposes. Applying for this document is an easy online process that will not take up much of your time.

Most applicants get their eTA approval in only a couple of minutes. It is always recommended to know how to check Canada visa online and get an eTA approved before booking any flight to Canada.

However, you have to carefully check your passport number mentioned in the eTA approval mail and the number in your passport. If there are any variations, you will have to apply for a fresh eTA.

Apply Online for an eTA Canada

After receiving the eTA

Each time you are boarding a flight to Canada, you will be required to show this passport at the airport.

Your eTA will authorize you to freely visit Canada for the next six months or any other date that is prescribed by any border services officer when you arrive to the Canada airport.

You will be needed to apply for an extension if you need to stay longer in Canada.

The eTA is valid for a period of five years or up to the date of your passport expiry, whichever comes earlier.

The website will help you know everything about how to check Canada visa online and all the necessary related information.